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The research areas of the Department are long time determined and cover production and technology aspects of actual problem solutions in given areas. From the actual global problems point of view the projects are oriented mainly on cooperation with industry.

The main areas of research

  • metallurgical aspects of high speed steels, methods of precise cast tools production, heat and thermochemical treatment of tools,
  • methods of inoculation and modification of steels,
  • centrifugal casting of low melting alloys,
  • surface treatment of corrosion resistant steels by plasma discharge in electrolyte,
  • ecological binders for moulding aggregragates,
  • globular graphite cast irons, rapid quenched silumines, carburizeed, boridic and DLC surface layers.

All significant and original results of research activities are presented on seminars and conferrences home and abroad. They are published in renowned current content scientific journals or also non current content journals and professional journals. The research results are applied in educational process in various courses, in Bachelor, Master and PhD. Theses.

Cooperation with industry, offer of services

  • Casting of artistic castings from copper alloys.
  • Polishing, cleaning and deburring of corrosion resistant steels by plasma discharge in electrolyte.
  • Annealing of metals up to 1000°C without protective atmosphere.
  • Drying and heat treatment (maximum 250°C) of larger parts (maximum 1300x1500x1700mm).
  • Training and courses from the area of foundry technology and theory.