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Foundry and molding plant(ŤL-130)

  • muffle furnace LM212.11 a Linn
  • elektric resistance holding furnace PT90/13
  • elektric resistance melting furnace T70V
  • annealing furnace HK255
  • muffle furnace Linn
  • chamber drying oven SPBO
  • blade muller MUP125P a NJP50
  • vibration laboratory crusher

Department of moulding aggregates testing (ŤL-222)

  • laboratory wheel mixer LM1
  • universal test machine Lru
  • drying furnace KCW100
  • three chamber drying oven for moulding aggregates LAP3
  • mechanical sifter VIPO
  • vibration sifter Lp2B
  • gas permeability meter LPiR1
  • splitting strength tester LRg
  • friability tester LS

Department of plasma-electrolytic technologies (ŤL-127)